Warts on the Feet

HPV infection can also cause warts on the feet. When the parts of the body that contain the virus are touched, warts may develop on the feet as a result of the transmission of the virus to the damaged areas on the feet. Warts on the feet are not transmitted through sexual contact.

Warts can be small in size, scattered around the area; or they can merge with each other, reaching quite large sizes. Warts that settle on the foot can sometimes be neglected. Once warts are detected on the feet, they should definitely be treated because their size and number may increase gradually.

Warts that develop on the soles are called plantar warts. With their hard textures, they look like calluses rather than warts.

Among all warts, the only kinds that can be painful are the plantar warts (warts on the soles of the feet). They are usually sensitive and may cause discomfort when the patient stands or walks. Multiple plantar warts that grow in the form of clusters of warts are called mosaic warts, and they may be difficult to treat.

Warts are easy to identify just by looking at them with the naked eye. Although they are benign warts, they are known to turn into a slow-growing cancer called verrucous carcinoma in very rare cases.

If there is only a single wart or limited number of warts on the foot, it is possible to remove the wart(s) with laser by just numbing the application area, but if the number is too high, treatment under general anesthesia is preferred. As with other genital warts, there is a risk of recurrence. If warts recur, the treatment is repeated the same way.

Measures intended to prevent recurrence of genital warts apply here as well. These measures include not plucking the warts, not smoking, and keeping the immune system working properly.

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