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Let's update our knowledge of terminology on the subject of Wart Treatment.

Raised lesions from the skin caused by the HPV virus are called warts. If the warts are located in the penis, vagina and groin area, these warts are called Genital Wart.

Well, How to Treat Warts ? The main principle in wart treatment is the removal of warts. Some of the methods we use to remove warts are effective and some are useless. Incomplete and wrong treatment causes loss of time, increase in warts and spread to a wider area.

Now let's examine these methods one by one.

Laser Wart Treatment with Laser (Cauterization of Warts with Laser)

Evaporation, i.e. removal of genital warts with the use of fractional carbon dioxide laser is a highly effective, successful treatment option that provides results with low recurrence rates. If the wart is broad-based, it may be necessary to perform the wart treatment under local anesthesia. If the genital warts are excessively abundant, and if the conditions do not allow for local anesthesia, the genital wart treatment can also be performed under general anesthesia. One of the most frequently asked questions about wart removal is whether it will live a scar. Genital wart treatment procedures involving the use of electrocautery for wart cauterization is likely to cause skin discoloration and scarring; but laser wart removal, on the other hand, is hardly likely to cause scarring and skin discoloration. Another advantage of the laser is its ability to destroy the wart in a more controlled way than electrocautery, without damaging the surrounding normal tissue. The disadvantage of fractional laser is that the laser device is not available in all clinics due to its high cost. In our HPV treatment center, warts can be treated using fractional carbon dioxide laser.

Wart Treatment with an Electrocautery Device (Electrocautery Wart Removal)

Wart treatment with electrocauterization (also known as wart cauterization) is a procedure that works with the principle of cauterizing the warts with electric current. It is suitable particularly for the treatment of small lesions in the external genital area, on the root of the penis, and around the anus. However, since it can cause scar tissue and skin discoloration, it becomes less preferred with every passing day, and it is being gradually replaced by fractional laser. Another disadvantage of this procedure is the need for anesthesia for even the simplest processes and the severe postoperative pain. Local or general anesthesia may be preferred depending on the abundance of warts before genital wart treatment. Warts are cauterized and destroyed using an electrocautery device. Painkillers and local anesthetic creams are used after the procedure.

Wart Treatment with Radiofrequency (Wart Removal with Radio Frequency Cautery)

Wart treatment with radiofrequency (also known as radiosurgery) is the procedure that involves destroying the warts by vaporizing them through radio waves. It is a procedure that can be performed safely in any part of the body. It is less likely to cause scarring compared to electrocautery. It can be performed as a second option in cases where fractional laser is not available. Local or general anesthesia may be preferred depending on the abundance of warts before genital wart treatment. Painkillers and pain relieving creams are used after the wart treatment with radiofrequency.

Cryotherapy Wart Removal (Freezing the Warts Off)

Another wart treatment option is cryotherapy, i.e. freezing the warts off. Freezing a tissue causes destruction by creating a burning effect on that tissue. In the treatment of genital warts performed with this logic, spraying liquid nitrogen on the wart freezes it and decays the wart tissue. In terms of recurrence rate, its effect is not different from that of other local treatment procedures. Since its destruction effect is limited, more than one session may be needed for the elimination of the same warts. Side effects of cryotherapy wart treatment (freezing the warts off) include rashes, ulceration, and infection and discoloration due to local tissue destruction. Permanent scarring may rarely occur. The greatest disadvantage of cryotherapy is that the frozen wart tissue remains in the body until it decay and falls off. Sometimes this freezing process remains incomplete and the wart does not fall off. In such a case, it may be necessary to repeat the freezing procedure, i.e. cryotherapy. Cryotherapy wart treatment can be performed safely during pregnancy.

Medical Treatment of Warts

There are many options for genital wart treatment, which involve the use of medications and chemicals. Some of them act by triggering the immunity with an immunomodulatory mechanism, while some others act by destroying the warts. We do not prefer medical treatment of warts due its results with higher recurrence rates and its success rates lower than that of the laser and radiofrequency treatments.

Despite the availability of electrocautery, cryotherapy, radiofrequency and cryotherapy options at our HPV Treatment Center in Silivri, we prefer fractional laser in the treatment of genital warts because of its higher success rate and for less scarring, less discoloration, and lower recurrence rate.

Wart Treatment at Home

There are many methods applied under the name of home wart treatment. Some of these methods are wart treatment with baking soda, wart treatment with tomato, wart treatment with garlic-lemon method, wart treatment with aspirin and yogurt method /strong>, wart treatment with baking soda and coconut water is wart treatment with the prescription of aloe vera and apple cider vinegar. Apart from these methods, there are strange treatment options under the name of İbrahim Saraçoğlu Wart Treatment and herbal treatment of genital warts.

These methods often waste time and cause the disease to worsen. As a physician who specializes in HPV, I would like to warn you. Wart treatment is not done at home, wart treatment is not done with herbal methods, wart treatment is not done with food and drink, wart treatment is not done with folk remedies. Think about it how to remove wart root using tomatoes? Sometimes even the freezing method is not enough to remove the root of the wart. If you have the opportunity, contact us and we will remove your warts with laser. If you do not have the opportunity to contact us, if there is no laser in your area, get treatment with electrocautery method, but as long as you do not waste your time with home wart treatment options.

Wart Treatment Prices

Wart treatment prices vary according to the number of warts, their prevalence, the location of the wart, the anesthesia method to be used while treating the wart, whether HPV Test, HPV Vaccine and Smear Test are performed during the wart treatment.

When treating warts, it is accompanied by HPV test, smear testi ve HPV Vaccine yapmak gerekebilir. You can call our clinic for information about HPV test price, smear test price and HPV Vaccine price and wart treatment prices. Our prices are not confidential. You can take a photo of your warts and send them to 0 505 260 72 38 for information about wart treatment prices.

Although electrocautery, cryotherapy, radiofrequency and cryotherapy are available in our HPV Treatment Center in Silivri, we prefer fractional laser in the treatment of genital warts due to its high success rate, less scarring, less color change and less recurrence rate.

You can call our call center at +90 212 986 08 22 for detailed information about HPV treatment, genital wart treatment, inguinal wart treatment and to make an appointment.

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